See Your New Smile in a SNAP

Newlywed Couple Smiling On BeachWhen you visit our Shreveport office for the first time, you’ll most likely be expecting to have a few x-rays taken. But before we ever do x-rays, we ask to first take your picture!

The picture isn’t just so we can remember who you are. It’s actually part of our virtual smile makeover preview system, called SNAP.

What is SNAP?

The SNAP Cosmetic Simulation Software takes a picture of your smile and allows Dr. Pary to virtually “apply” treatments to the image, such as veneers, whitening, or even braces, so that you can get a preview visualization of what the treatments would look like. Tooth size, shape, alignment, and color can all be adjusted in the image.

The opportunity to see the virtual “before and after” makes it easier to visualize certain types of treatments before we even start the care planning process.

Understand Your Options

If you’re weighing braces against veneers, or whitening against bonding, SNAP Cosmetic Simulation Software makes it easier for you to “see” your results and make a more informed decision about your care. One of the most important parts of every cosmetic dental treatment is having a realistic expectation of what that service can do for your smile. With SNAP, we’re able to help you see those potential changes for yourself, removing the stress of “unknowns” for our patients.

Once you’ve decided on the treatment that’s best for you, Dr. Pary will have our team create an itemized care plan that outlines the entire step-by-step process, including all of the fees involved. You’ll never be left in the dark about hidden charges.

Prepare for a Relaxing Smile Makeover

blogMost patients want to ensure that they’ll be as comfortable as possible during the course of their treatment. That’s why we offer options like oral and IV sedation (“sleep dentistry” or “sedation dentistry”).

Call Smile Dental Center in Shreveport today, to schedule your new patient exam and virtual smile makeover. It’s a SNAP!

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