New Patients

Your First Visit at Smile Dental Center

New Patents topGoing to a new dentist for the first time can make you feel a bit anxious – but we want you to know that our commitment to families like yours should make you feel at ease.

Once you arrive, we’ll have you fill out a few pieces of paperwork, or finish up online forms you printed, so that we get a good understanding of your dental and medical history.

Next, our hygienist will escort you back to the patient room, where they’ll take a picture for our SNAP makeover software, any necessary x-rays, screen your smile for periodontal disease, and perform an oral cancer screening.

If your teeth are free of periodontal disease, we will likely clean them at this time, and screen for cavities. We’ll also take several intraoral photos, so that you can see any areas that Dr. Pary needs to discuss with you. Once your cleaning is complete, Dr. Pary will come by to meet with you, discuss any concerns that you may have, and recommend whether or not any additional treatment is necessary.

Should you need any type of treatment, we will work up a detailed care plan for you on the very same day. There’s no need to come back for a separate consultation! For our smile makeover patients, the SNAP software will also show what their results should look like before we ever begin any type of treatment.

Forms for New Patients

New Patient Form English

New Patient Form Spanish


Do I need a root canal or an extraction?

If your tooth can be saved, we will recommend treating it with a root canal and then placing a crown on top of it. However, if it is badly decayed, fractured, or infected – pulling it can prevent the condition from interfering with the health of your nearby teeth.

How will you keep me out of pain?

We’re available day or night for emergency dental care. Our goal is to always provide you with same day attention and fast pain relief. Whether that means starting treatment right away or using medication to manage your discomfort, Dr. Pary will weigh your options with you to select the one that is most appropriate.

Do you offer financing?

Absolutely. We provide CareCredit as well as an in-house payment plan, depending on what best fits your budget needs.

I’ve heard you offer veneers. What experience do you have?

New Patents BottomIt’s no surprise why so many of our patients come to us because they have been referred by their friends. Dr. Pary’s work with dental veneers can be life changing for each one of his patients. He takes numerous continuing education courses in the latest techniques and veneer materials each year, to stay abreast of the newest procedures available.

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