Dental Crowns


Our Crowns are Warranty-Backed!

woman smiling and flossingBroken or badly decayed teeth can’t be fixed with a filling. Instead, you need something that covers the entire tooth, keeping it strong enough for everyday use: a crown.

Dr. Pary uses quality porcelain materials for all of our crowns. Plus, they’re backed by a limited warranty as long as patients continue to see us for their routine checkups every 6 months. With porcelain, we’re able to not only protect the tooth, but also enhance its appearance.

Your Treatment Experience

After your tooth is numbed, Dr. Pary will reshape it and remove any damaged portions. Next, he makes an impression of the tooth and places a temporary crown over the tooth. In two weeks, we ask for you to return so that Dr. Pary can bond the permanent crown into place.

Most of our patients do very well with local anesthesia, but some people prefer sleep dentistry during their crown treatment – and that’s okay! We offer both oral sedation, as well as IV sedation options for you to choose from.

Crowns for Dental Implants

We also provide implant-supported crowns, when you’re having a missing tooth replaced. You’ll love how your new tooth looks and feels just like the real thing! Plus, it’s easy to care for.

After Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve had a root canal, your tooth will also need a crown. Crowns protect non-living teeth after the nerve has been removed. Otherwise, the tooth becomes brittle.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

dental crowns diagramRemember, it’s a great idea to whiten your teeth if you are having a crown made for the front of your smile. We offer both in-house as well as professional take home whitening kits.

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