Clear Braces


Virtually Invisible Orthodontic Corrections

girl holding clear brace retainerDr. Mario Pary provides ClearCorrect orthodontics right here in our Shreveport office. These braces are very similar to Invisalign, in that they consist of clear aligners that guide your teeth without the use of brackets and wires.

As a family dentist, Dr. Pary provides orthodontic options to families like yours, making it easier to enjoy beautiful, straight smiles rather than drive all over town to various specialists.

“A lot of my patients have waited a long time for braces and never got around to having them. But now they can, because it’s easy to have their general and orthodontic treatment completed in the same location.”

It’s not uncommon for parents or even grandparents to finally become so self-conscious about their spacing and crowding problems that they decide to take action. With ClearCorrect invisible aligners, it’s easier than ever, and doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day activities.

Remember, Dr. Pary’s oldest orthodontics patient was in her mid-60s!

ClearCorrect is Ideal For:

  •       Spaces or gaps between your teeth
  •       Crowding at the front of your smile
  •       People who are hesitant to wear conventional braces
  •       Individuals who feel embarrassed about the way their teeth look

close up of clear braces“We frequently use clear braces to address aesthetic concerns. Sometimes my patients see results in as few as 3 or 4 months.”

As a previous Invisalign provider, family dentist Dr. Pary prefers ClearCorrect for his adult and teen patients. The invisible aligners are more affordable, and easy to care for. You don’t even have to adjust your diet, because the braces are removed during each meal.

Dr. Pary has been providing braces to adults and teens in Shreveport since 2008. His family practice is currently accepting new patients, and offers a complimentary orthodontic evaluation upon request. Call us today for a same day visit to get the answers you need.

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