Tooth Extractions

Comfortable In-Office Extractions

dental patient waiting for the dentistWhen emergencies happen, sometimes it’s in the best interest of your smile to have the tooth pulled. That is, if it isn’t possible to restore it with a filling or crown. For badly damaged teeth, an extraction is often the most appropriate option available.

Some of the most common reasons why our patients call us about having a tooth extracted include situations like:

  • Severe tooth mobility, caused by gum disease
  • Large fractures or cracks in the crown of the tooth
  • Full mouth reconstruction with dental implants
  • Severe toothaches or other dental emergencies

Dr. Pary strives to ensure that every extraction, whether it’s simple or more involved, is as comfortable as possible. Not only does he thoroughly numb the area around the tooth as he works on it, but we also provide sleep dentistry options like oral sedation and IV sedation with a licensed anesthetist.

After Your Tooth Has Been Removed

Removing the tooth isn’t all that we have to keep in mind. An open space in your smile can cause aesthetic and functional concerns. Other teeth will gradually move because of the space that has been created, which can lead to crooked teeth or difficulty keeping them clean.

Before Dr. Pary pulls your tooh, you’ll want to consider a few different options to replace your it. Some of the different choices that are available include bridges, dental implants, or even partial dentures. Whatever option you choose, we’ll have it carefully designed so that it makes it look as if you never had a tooth missing to begin with.

No Insurance? No Problem

xray showing needed tooth extractionIf you don’t have dental insurance and still need to get a tooth pulled – that’s okay. We offer a variety of payment plan options to make the process possible for your budget, even if you don’t have dental insurance. Call our bilingual Shreveport dentist to find out more.

Maybe you are looking for a cleaning? 

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