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man with big bright smileDr. Pary is a family practice dentist with hundreds of training hours in cosmetic dental procedures. One of Dr. Pary’s top goals is to make aesthetic services accessible to the general public through our private practice, reducing the need for patients to go somewhere else or pay more for their care.

Smile Makeovers Change Lives

“One of my patients in his late 60s just came to me to discuss his smile. He’s a well-educated man, but has always had problems with his teeth. They’re worn down, missing, and cause problems when he chews. In fact, he even used a beard to cover his smile! Another patient referred him to our practice. We staged his smile makeover with various techniques like dental veneers, implants, and crowns. His bite was opened up and stabilized, so that he finally felt comfortable smiling. Even the color of his stain was gone. He said his wife loved it! We were thrilled to return his confidence by simply improving the health of his teeth.” – Dr. Pary

Some of the unique aesthetic services that we provide, include:

Erase years off of your smile with our gentle and effective smile whitening options. It’s a great and affordable way to brighten your grin or compliment your smile makeover.

With our porcelain veneers and no-prep Lumineers options, you can enjoy instantly straighter, whiter looking teeth. Some people even call them “instant braces!”

SNAP Smile Makeovers

woman showing her smile makeoverAll new patients get a picture taken that we transfer into SNAP Cosmetic Simulation Software. The SNAP system allows us to perform a “virtual makeover” on your teeth, so that you can see what results will look like before starting your treatment.

Find out how Dr. Pary can help you smile with more confidence and improve your appearance. Call our bilingual dental office in Shreveport today!

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