Laser Dentistry

Cosmetic and family dentist in Shreveport, LA

Instead of using surgical equipment that may require stitches and a long recovery time, Dr. Pary uses lasers for the majority of his soft tissue treatments.

With lasers, we can:

  • Reduce your recovery time
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce discomfort
  • Omit the need for invasive procedures
  • Avoid placing stitches
  • See results in just one day
  • Erase gummy smiles
  • Create fuller, more even looking teeth

Cosmetic and Therapeutic Tissue Recontouring

Do you have a “gummy smile” or teeth that look too short, because of bulky gumlines? Then lasers may be the answer that you’ve been looking for. Dr. Pary can use the laser to recreate a natural looking gumline, recontouring their margins from one side of your smile to the other.

Most of our patients find the process to be very comfortable – and it does not always require the use of local anesthesia! In some cases, just a bit of numbing is needed, to protect you against any irritation or sensitivity.

“Most patients tell me they go home and feel numb, and the following day they’re just fine. There’s not a lot of discomfort involved with lasers.”

Gingival recontouring is the perfect compliment to other aesthetic procedures like porcelain veneers, whitening, and even porcelain crowns.

Stop Cold Sores and Aphthous Ulcers

In just a few seconds, Dr. Pary can treat the cold sore that’s popping up on your lip and reduce your recovery time by as much as 50%. Plus, lasers are great for bothersome ulcers that develop overnight.

Other Uses for Lasers

Some people find that they have very tight tissues in the front of their mouth, around the lips or under the tongue. This can interfere with speech patterns, or even cause gum recession. With lasers, Dr. Pary can quickly eliminate the problem without traditional oral surgery.

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